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24. Sept. 2010
1st International Queer Tango Festival in Berlin 2011
From 28 -31 July 2011 we are going to host the first Queer Tango Festival in the German Metropolis of Queer Life.

Germany's capital is, alongside Buenos Aires, the biggest Tango city in the world. This event will bring together dancers from the queer community and the straight community in order to dance and discover new experiences by exploring traditional and new
concepts of roles within the dance. Furthermore the Queer Tango Festival wants to encourage intercultural dialogue and aims to contribute to the integration of lesbian, gay and transgender people on the dance floor.

The Queer Tango Festival will offer Tango Classes with internationally renowned teachers, shows, Milongas and many more activities during the 4-day-celebration:

Augusto Balizano (Buenos Aires)
Brigitta Winkler (Berlin/NYC)
Astrid Weiske (Berlin)
Rudy Vega (Lyon/Berlin)
Scarlett von Boor & Ingrid Meurers (Hamburg)

Further Information of the detailed program of all workshops and activities you will find latest in March 2011 on this website and of course the possibility to apply for all events.

Come and discover the Dance of Passion with us. Meet friends, new people and have fun in one of the most interesting and vibrant capitals of the world.

We are looking forward to celebrating the different aspects of Tango with you in July 2011.


16. Feb. 2010
Berlin is the Guest of Honour at the International Queer Tango Festival 2010 in Buenos Aires and will be represented by Astrid Weiske from Berlin

Dear friends,
From 22 to 28 November 2010 we will celebrate the fourth edition of the Buenos Aires International Queer Tango Festival at the most principal dance-floors and saloons of our city.

Joining to the celebrations in the bicentenary of the Argentine Independence this year our festival will be a big holiday in which we will cover different moments of the history of the Argentine tango up to our present, in which diverse forms of expression coexist.

We will receive the city of Berlin like honor guest, with the presence of Astrid Weiske, teacher and organizer of Queer Tango Festival Berlin 2011.

Our festival will offer milongas, practicas every day of the week, the best shows, orchestras, performances and workshops with the most prestigious Argentinean teachers.

We thanks very much those who year by year support our proposal and give enthusiasm to our efforts constructing a tango community more open and giving place to new ways of representation that are those which maintain alive and in permanent movement our dance and music.

Some artists, teachers, milongas and spaces that will participate in the festival 2010 are:
Augusto Balizano, Mariana Docampo, Quique Miller, Aurora Lúbiz y Luciano Bustos, Claude Murga, Claudia Bozzo, Ariadna Naviera y Fernando Sanchez, Alejandro Hermida, Olga Besio, Astrid Weiske, Matias Sotto, Claudio Gonzalez y Fernando Gracia, Elizabeth Guerrero, Gonzalo Costa, Mario Orlando, Milonga Tango Queer, Milonga La Marshall, Milonga Tango Ideal, La escuela del Tango, y La escuela del baile Social.

Roxana Gargano, Augusto Balizano, Mariana Docampo
(Buenos Aires Festival Organizer)

Queer Tango Festival Buenos Aires