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National and International Queer Tango Links

City Link  
Berlin Queertango-Berlin with Astrid Weiske & Guests
Lessons, Workshops, Privats & Guestteacher
Berlin PHYNIXtanzt Studio for Tango Argentino & Modern Dance
Berlin Queer Milonga Since 10 years queer Milonga once a month
Hamburg Tango Fatal Queer Milonga with Gudrun & Felix - every second Friday of the month at Baladin. Info & Contact: Gudrun g.geest(AT)digital-perspektiven.de
Hamburg Purtango QUEER TANGO lessons with Scarlett von Boor in Hamburg

Buenos Aires International Queer Tango Festival International Queer Tango Festival in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Tango Queer Mariana Docampo Queer Tango Ressource
Buenos Aires LaMarshall First Queer Milonga in Buenos Aires from Augusto Balizano
Buenos Aires Queer Tango Marathon Yearly 6-Day event in March - organized by Mariano Garcés

Dänemark Queertango Kopenhagen Queertango in Kopenhagen
Schweden Tangoverkstan Queertango with Lotte Rivero in Stockholm
Norway Oslotangoqueer Oslo Tango Queer Non-profit Organisation - Thierry Guénin, Tommy Olsson, Tobias Svenningsen
France Queer Tango Paris Facebook QUEERTANGO PARIS - classes + workshop organized by Karin-Miranda Lindelöw & Munehiro Nomura
England Queer Tango London Regulary Classes with Tim Flynn & Ray Batchelor

Montreal Queertango Montreal Tango classes and Festivalinfos Montreal/Canada
New York Tigerstango Lexa Rosean Lessons & Milonga
New York Rainbowtango Splash Tango Bar & Lessons and Milonga with Sergio Segura & Anton Gazenbeek
Seattle Queer Tango Festival Queer Tango Festival US in Seattle