:: FESTIVAL full program and Location Infos 2018::

Most of our Festival venues are located in the neighbourhood Kreuzberg - close neighbourhoods are also are Schöneberg - Friedrichshain - Neukölln or Mitte. If you plan your accomodation it is very useful to find something in Kreuzberg or near by. You can google Hotel or Hostel in Berlin Kreuzberg and you will get plenty of suggestions. Also sharing and appartment or room with Flatshare companys are plenty of offers in these neighbourhoods.

here a map of all our venues:

Festival Warm Up Wednesday. 11.7.2018
6- appr. 9 pm   QT Festival Tango Walk-we transform public places into queer tango spaces for some tandas. dance together in the streets of Berlin at beautiful sightseeing spots in town - - No admission - final destination: Brandenburger Tor - in case of rain bring umbrellas.
Meetingpoint:   Meetingppoint: t.b.a
Thursday 12.7.2018
12-7.30 pm   Workshops at Phynixtanzt
9.00 Uhr - open end - OPENING MILONGA at Tango Loft
Practica 9-10 p.m.:   Malin Backström (Stockholm)
DJ:   Scarlett von Boor (Hamburg)
ca.23.30 p.m.


Fees:   Door: 19 EUR incl. Practica
Venue: Tango Loft, Gerichtstraße 23, 13347 Berlin | www.tangoloft-berlin.de
Friday 13.7.2018
12-7.30 pm   Workshops at Phynixtanzt &other Studios near by
9 p.m. - open end - FRIDAY MILONGA at Bebop Berlin
Practica 9.pm.:   Malin Backström (Stockholm)
DJ:   t.b.a.
aprox.11.30 p.m
Fee:   Door: 19 EUR incl. Practica
Venue: BEBOP Tanzschule, Pfuelstr. 5, 10997 Berlin Kreuzberg | www.bebop-berlin.com
Saturday 14.7.2018
12-7.30 pm   Workshops at Phynixtanzt & Hayal Studio
9 p.m. - 5 a.m. - GALA NIGHT at Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche Kreuzberg
Practica 9p.m:   Malin Backström (Stockholm)
DJ:   Leonid Ivanov (Moscow)
Live-Music:   Cuarteto Rotterdam (Berlin)
aprox.11.30 p.m
Fee:   Door: 28 EUR incl. Practica
Venue: Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche, Zossener Straße 65, 10961 Berlin Kreuzberg | www.akanthus-kultur.de
Sunday 15.7.2018
3-6 pm   Contact Tango Jam - Phynixtanzt, Hasenheide 54, 4 EUR door
7.00 p.m.- open end - FARE-WELL MILONGA at Bebop
DJ:   Anna Jöressen (Sheffield)
Fee:   Door: 10 EUR
Venue: BEBOP Tanzschule, Pfuelstr. 5, 10997 Berlin Kreuzberg | www.bebop-berlin.com
Festival After Milonga Mo. 16.7.2018
6pm-Midnight   Official Festival Chill-Out After Milonga - Charity Milonga
    we donating all income to a queer social project in Berlin- join us at a beautiful outdoor location - if it is raining inside dancing possible - relax, chill out and dance together ;-)
Admission:   Door: 5 EUR or more if you like
Venue   t.b.a.

All about Ticketoffice, Venues, Milongas & Program

All Workshops will be held at PHYNIXtanzt or "Hayal Dance Studio".
PHYNIXtanzt- Studio für Tango Argentino & Modern Dance - Hasenheide 54 (Südsternhöfe), 10967 Berlin Kreuzberg / U-bahn: U7 Südstern

"Hayal Dance Studio", Körtestr. 10ß, 10967 Berlin - 2 min from PHYNIXtanzt.

TICKET OFFICE (12./13./14.7. 2018): „A Compas Studio“ Hasenheide 54, 10967 Berlin - 3. backyard – „Südstern-Höfe“, same building as PHYNIXtanzt.

A Compas - Studio and Location Please pick-up your orderd and prepayed workshop and milonga tickets at our festival office before you enter the workshops or milongas. Available workshoptickets can be purchased also at our office last-minute.
Opening hours: Thu/Fri./Sat. von 10.30am- 3pm and you can buy also coffee, tea, beverageses, cake during the opening hours and nice to chill and chat.

Additional option to pick up Workshop and Milongatickets: Ordered and prepayed tickets you also can additional pick- up at the door of the milongas venue.

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Tango Loft Berlin


:: Tango Loft Berlin ::



Bebop Berlin


:: Bebob - Berlin Kreuzberg ::



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Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche Berlin


:: Heilig-Kreuzkirche - Berlin Kreuzberg ::

The Heilig-Kreuz Church is an protestantic neo-Gothic brick church, built by architect John Otzenin the years 1884-88.
Through their conversion, it has become a particular church. In many places the outer walls were breached. They were replaced by glass, pulled a steel skeleton with a gallery and stairs inside. Thus, in the interior of a new floor plan with office and classrooms arose.
Church services are held but also you can find a variety of different cultural events in the evening and weekends.



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