All our Festival venues are located in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg - close neighbourhoods are Schöneberg (Queer Quartier) - Friedrichshain - Neuköln or Mitte.

Most of our Festival venues are located in the neighbourhood Kreuzberg - close neighbourhoods are also are Schöneberg - Friedrichshain - Neukölln or Mitte. If you plan your accomodation it is very useful to find something in Kreuzberg or near by. You can google Hotel or Hostel in Berlin Kreuzberg and you will get plenty of suggestions. Also sharing and appartment or room with Flatshare companys are plenty of offers in these neighbourhoods.

Here a map of all our venues:

Please understand that we can not provide accomodation for so many guests but we give you some hints

  www.berlin.de A lot of information about Berlin and accomodations you'll find on the official website of the city of Berlin
Some Suggestions for Bed & Breakfast or Hostels in Berlin - You will find many more possibilities to stay also in Hotels or Hostels in Kreuzberg if you google.
  www.ebab.de enjoy bed & breakfast is one of the world's leading agencies for private and commercial accommodation in the lesbian-gay community.
www.airbnb.com Online agency for private accommodation flats and shared rooms worldwide and of course also Berlin
www.pegasushostel.de Pegasus Hostel, Berlin - Friedrichshain
www.three-little-pigs.de 3 little pigs - Kreuzberg
www.grandhostel-berlin.de Grand Hostel - Kreuzberg
www.diefabrik.com Die Fabrik - Kreuzberg
www.meininger-hotels.com Meiniger Hostels- Kreuzberg
Casamundo Casamundo is a relatively young company and meanwhile it is one of the largest portals of its kind, compares similar to expedia.de or opodo.de various holiday accomodations.
The portal offers both objects larger operator and accommodation from private landlords, there are now over 200,000. The user-friendly interface makes it possible to find in a few clicks of the cheapest, most appropriate keep and open to offers to book directly online. For questions or for telephone bookings is also provides a professional service team.
Here you will find a way to directly and easily to be found in Berlin for a suitable accommodation.

Public Transport

BVG - Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe Subway/Bus - Find all public transport infos and calculations. BVG supports all Airports and Trainstations with great time schedule. Berlin has a excellent public transport system 24 hours and check out for tourist or day passes.

Berlin by Bike
    Berlin is great for biking. See this an excellent route planner for cyclists. It finds optimized routes according to the cyclists preferences.
There are many bike rental stations where you may rent a bike at some specific locations or anywhere you find a bike from "Call a Bike" - then make your ride - leave the bike where you finished your trip. Details you will find e.g. at the main station (Hauptbahnhof) of Call a Bike.
More bike rentals you will find on the website of the Berlin's cyclist organisation ADFC or google.