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Please review the items in your cart and ensure they are correct before clicking the 'Paypal Buy Now' button. Once your payment has been received you will automatically be booked for your workshops and Milonga selections.

You will receive all your booked tickets with our confirmation mail in digital form with a QR code for each booking. Keep them digital or printout and bring them to the workshops and milongas to be scanned.

Earlybird, multiple workshop and milonga package discounts as described on the prices page are applied automatically as 'Discount' below. A 4% transaction fee is added to your discounted total for processing your registration and payment.

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Cancelation Policy
In case of cancelation, the following fees (percentage) apply:
Before 1st of June 2023: 20% of your total booking price - You will get 80% refund in return.
1st-15th of June 2023: 50% of your total booking price - You will get 50% refund in return.
15th-30th of June 2023: 80% of your total booking price - You will get 20 % refund in return.
After 1st of July 2023: 100% of your total booking price - No refund will be given in return.

This year we do not refund any cancelations due corona infection. We hope you understand.

If a dance teacher is absent due to a sudden, unavoidable event, such as short-term illness or visa restrictions, we garantee a professional substitution with other teachers of our festival. We can not reimburse your tickets if we offer substitution.